Friday, December 4, 2015

Malaysian Mukkulathors

Malaysian based Klang Valley Mukkulathor Association (KVMA) is raising funds for Chennai Flood Relief purpose. The collected funds will be transfered directly to one Mr.Pra Deep RaJan. He and his circle of friends are in need of funds to prepare food for approximately 600 people.
Here is what you need to do:
1. Send an email to
2. We will reply to your email with the local banking details.
3. You can then transfer the funds.
4. Attach a screenshot of the transfer receipt and send it to
5. We will record it and announce it in this FB wall so that everybody knows how much we are receiving.
6. Collected funds will be transfered to Mr.Pradeep in Chennai most probably on Monday 7 Dec or latest by Wednesday 9 Dec 2015.
7. A copy of fund transfer receipt will be shared in FB as proof.
We are not going through any political parties or agents because we want to make sure the funds reach the right person. There are rumours that some are politicising this issue for their own benefit as Tamil Nadu elections will be held in 2016.
All funds will only be used for Chennai Flood Relief purpose. KVMA will not use the funds for its own purpose.
If you are worried that it will only reach people of a particular community, let us assure you that such things will not happen. Most people in Chennai are not from our community and the recipients of your donation are from various communities. KVMA is doing this as a humanitarian effort.
This fund raiser will stop after the said date. Do not forward our banking details to anyone without our consent as we do not want to unnecessarily receive any additional money. Our target is minimum Rs10,000 (approx RM700).
Thank you
-Team KVMA-

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