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About Agamudayar

Agamudayar is a Tamil community which is distributed through the length and breadth of the state of Tamil Nadu. In Southern parts of Tamil Nadu, they are considered as one of the three castes which make up theMukkulathor community. They are identified as a separate caste in the Northern parts of Tamil Nadu.

The word Agamudayar is derived from the root Agam which in Tamil means Land and or House signifying that Agamudayars were Landlords and Householders. The suffix Udaiyar indicates ownership. The word is also used in another form, Agam Padaiyar, signifying the meaning of a particular profession, whose office it was to attend to the business in the Interior's of the King's Palace or in the Pagoda". The name," Mr. J. H. Nelson writes, "is said by the Rev. G. U. Pope, in his edition of the Abbe Dubois' work to be derived from agam, a temple, and padi, a step, and to have been given to them in consequence of their serving about the steps of temples. But, independently of the fact that Madura pagodas are not approached by flights of steps, this seems to be a very far-fetched and improbable derivation of the word. Or, perhaps, the name comes from agam in the sense of earth, and padi, master or possessor." 

Agamudayars having a population of more than 10 million are distributed in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. Also they had settled in the countries of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and living there for many decades.
Titles wise distribution
Agamudayars living in the districts of ThanjavurThiruvarurNagapattinamCoimbatoreDindigulKarur,TirupurVirudhunagarTirunelveliMaduraiTheni use Thevar as title.
Agamudayars living in the districts of RamanathapuramPudukkottaiThoothukudiSivaganga use Servaias title.
Agamudayars living in the districts of ChennaiKanchipuramThiruvallurVelloreVillupuram,ThiruvannamalaiCuddaloreSalemPerambalurKrishnagiri use 'Agamudaya Mudaliyar' especially in South Arcot and North Arcot Districts' as title.


  1. Rajakulam
  2. Kottai patru
  3. Irumbuthalai
  4. Ivali Naadu
  5. Naattu Mangalam
  6. Rajapoja
  7. Rajavasal
  8. Kalian
  9. Sani
  10. Malai Naadu

Titles of Agamudayar

  1. Servai
  2. Mudaliar
  3. Desigar
  4. Udaiyar
  5. Maniakkarar
  6. Thevar

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