Saturday, July 14, 2012

Protest in front of Chenkalpat​tu special detention camp: Seeman and 500 individual​s arrested [ Wednesday, 11 July 2012, 02:02.49 PM GMT +05:30 ]

Police arrested Seeman and another 500 individuals gathered at the Chenkalpattu special detention center today.
Prisoners at the Chenkalpattu special detention center continuously engage in protest to transfer them towards open air prison.
Some days before prisoners engaged in the hunger strike and end of the discussion with the head of the Q division police officer Sampathkumar they have stopped the hunger strike protest.
In such situation Nam Thamilar party announced that they would stage protest in front of the chenkalpattu special detention on Wednesday.
More than 500 party members headed by the Seeman gathered in front of the detention camp today. Protesters urge to shut down the Chenkalpattu, poonthamalli detention centers.
Police officials arrive the location have arrested the Seeman and other individuals engaged in the protest. Arrested individuals were detained at the Velu reception hall. It was revealed they would be release in the evening hours.

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