Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When Baba came to meet Sivaji

Here’s an interesting story on how the idol of Shirdi Sai Baba came to the late Sivaji Ganesan’s house a couple of days ago. This story has become the talk of the town. 

Mr Jagannatha Dasar of Anna Nagar, a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, had ordered a 3.5 feet idol from Ganesh of Ongole, which is a city in AP. When the marble idol was ready,  Mr Dasar was planning to bring it to Chennai and worship at his residence in Anna Nagar. 

However, in a strange twist to things, he had a dream in which he envisioned as if Baba wanted the idol to be taken to the late Sivaji Ganesan’s house and to be kept there for three days. An awestruck Dasar contacted Sivaji’s sons, Ram Kumar and Prabhu, and they readily agreed. Prabhu was elated as his wife Punitha is a Baba devotee and the idol was worshiped at their residence for three days with devotional fervor, replete with pujas and bhajans.

Prabhu’s son, Vikram Prabhu is making his film debut soon with Kumki. The audio launch will be held on July 26 and  the family considers this development as an auspicious symbol towards a great start for Sivaji’s grandson.

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Unknown said...

The late Sivaji Ganesan belongs to the Kallar community. Their surname is Mandrayar. It is good if we can address their family members with their surnames. Prabhu Mandrayar, Vikram Mandrayar, Ram Kumar Mandrayar etc.