Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sidesh -Gautham-Gautham Karthik Confusion

Actor Sidesh
Actor Sidesh
Actor Sidesh played the lead role in the film Appavi  released in 2011, now he is on headlines for an mistaken identity.
Few months back photographs of Sidesh were doing rounds in many journals and film-based websites while reporting about ace director Maniratnam’s upcoming film Kadal. Sidesh was amused to see his photograph appearing in place of the real hero of the film, Gautham Karthik, son of veteran actor Karthik.
What actually led to the wrong reporting was that the real name of Sidesh happens to be Gautham , and infact he debuted with his original name in Appavi and  only later  did he change his name to Sidesh.
On this Sidesh commented  “I would love to take this ‘mistake’ as a good sign and hope I gets to star in Maniratnam’s films in future,” with confidence, knowing very well that chances for the same are rare.
“My next film Ivanum Panakkaran would be hitting the screens soon….Besides, I’m also in talks to star in three big-budget films and would divulge the details of it at a later stage,” says Sidesh.

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