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Thevar had hinted Netaji was alive after air crash in 1945

The declassification of 64 files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose by the West Bengal government, which have several references and correspondence indicating he was alive after 1945, has elated many of his followers who are eager to know the complete details of the files. Interestingly, to corroborate this, Tamil Nadu`s former MLA A R Perumal, in a book has revealed that on January 23, 1949, during a public meeting held at the Tamukkam grounds in Madurai, freedom fighter and former Tamil Nadu president of All-India Forward Bloc, Pasumpon U Muthuramalinga Thevar had said that Netaji was indeed alive and had not died in the crash as presumed by many. In his book Mudisooda Mannar Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, Perumal quoting Thevar`s speech says: "Netaji is well and safe.

It is false that our leader Netaji died in the air crash. Our leader will appear before the people at the right time. Besides, I am in direct contact with Netaji.

" It may be recalled that thousands of Tamils from the southern districts of Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Virudhunagar, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli and those spread across Burma (Myanmar), Singapore and Malaysia had joined the Netaji`s Indian National Army (INA) because of love they had on him. Now, many descendants of those members from the INA are elated over the West Bengal government`s move and want to know what the files contain. T G Yoganandam, son of former INA member, Thirugnanam of Virudhunagar said, "My father who died recently told many things about Netaji.

My father`s INA attire is still at home, which makes our family members remember Netaji always. I wish to go to the museum (where the files are kept) and look at them with my own eyes." J Vivekanandan, grandson of another INA member Vaithilingam said his family`s financial constraints are preventing his desire to go and see the files.

Madurai-based National Netaji Association chairman V Swaminathan said the exhibition of files coincides with a certain information that he had gathered from many INA men in the districts with respect to Netaji`s presence after 1945. After the alleged air crash, Netaji had stayed in a secret room at Padmanabapuram palace in Thiruvananthapuram and a farm land belonged to Muthuramalinga Thevar in Pulichikulam in Virudhunagar district, claimed Swaminathan. He further said he is thinking of inviting Netaji`s grandnephew Chandra Kumar Bose who has been fighting to make public the files, to Madurai.

Pasumpon Thevar Sinthanai Maiyam founder V S Navamani urged the central government to officially make public many important files relating to Netaji like the West Bengal government. It may be recalled that Netaji who walked out from Congress, formed the All India Forward Bloc in 1939. To mobilise support he then toured many places in the country.

As part of it, he attended a meeting at Marina beach in Chennai on September 3, 1939, wherein he announced All India Forward Bloc`s Tamil Nadu branch. Netaji, who lauded Thevar by terming him as the Bose of South also made him the Tamil Nadu president, said Navamani. Following it, Netaji on the request of Thevar came to Madurai on September 6 and spent a whole day.

He went to then Udupi hotel (now Pothys) and stayed in Thangaraj clinic in the Vakkil Pudhu Theru, Swaminathan said. The 64 files that made public by the West Bengal Government on Friday has referred to the reported presence of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose after the air crash held on August 18, 1945, remembers a public meeting, held at Madurai`s Thamukkam ground on January 23, 1949, birth anniversary of Netaji, which had suggested Netaji`s presence after the air crash. Netaji-founded All India Forward Bloc` former Tamil Nadu president Pasumpon U Muthuramalinga Thevar spoke out in the meeting that Netaji was not dead in the alleged air crash.

In his book `Mudisooda Mannar Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, the state`s former MLA A R Perumal has quoted Thevar` speech. According to it, "Netaji is well and safe. It is false that our leader Netaji died in the air crash.

Our leader will appear before people at proper time. Besides, I am in direct connection with Netaji," said Muthuramalinga Thevar in the public meeting. The heirs of member of Indian National Army (INA) headed by Netaji and fans of Netaji are happy over the West Bengal government`s move.

They said they are eager to know the contents of the files that have been kept at the Police Museum in West Bengal. Thousands of Tamilians of the southern districts including Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar, Tuticorin, and Tirunvelveli and Tamilians who spread in Burma, Singapore, and Malaysia loved Netaji .

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