Thursday, June 21, 2012

The one-crore challenge by actor Vivek

Just as actor Vivekh brimmed with contentment over planting 13 lakh trees through his Green Kalam initiative, former president Abdul Kalam, who attended the culmination of the year-long project in Cuddalore, has given the actor the mammoth task of planting one crore saplings in the state.
Vivekh, a self-confessed fan of Abdul Kalam, sees his words as a mark of the confidence that the latter has on him and says he will soon start working towards the target. “We have decided to initiate the process from Kalam’s native town of Ramanathapuram.
After planting one lakh trees there, we will start covering all the districts towards Chennai,” he said. While the actor says many people have come forward to join him in reaching the target, he asks for schools, colleges and individuals to take part in the initiative.
The actor has penned a story based on his experiences during this project and says he is willing to direct it when he gets a producer.
Vivekh, who is happy about the reception for his role as a transgender in Murattu Kaalai that hit the screens last week, wants to focus on his acting career that has been on a dull note. “I’m playing a CBI officer in Muktha Sundar’s 10,000,00,00,000 (Pathayiram Kodi). It’s a movie like Pink Panther. He also plays a role in Shakthi Chidambaram’s Machan, in which he makes a living by renting out dogs.
He appears as himself in V Shekar’s Saravana Poigai, and is part of director Hari’s Singam 2 as well.

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