Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vivek wants Vadivelu back

Even though Kollywood has almost given up on comedian Vadivelu, there is still hope for him. His contemporary Vivek came out in full support for the senior artist recently. Vivek has his hands deep in the ‘Pasumai Kalam’ (Green Kalam) project along with some new releases coming up.

He initiated his Green Kalam project back in June, 2011 and is happy to have planted ‘10 lakh saplings’ by June 2012 this year, a record target. Simultaneously he is filming a string of projects including Surya’s MaatraanMachan , Kandha, Vazhipokkan and many others. Infact the filmKandha was in news for an indirect reference made on the dispute betweens comedians Vadivelu andSingamuthu but Vivek informed his fans that there was nothing of such sort and he and Vadivelu have discussed on the topic before taking up the role. Says Vivek“ The comedy field doesn’t look so nice in Vadivelu’s absence.  I want everyone to do well and hope things would ease out soon.”While Vadivelu is yet to brush of the burden, participating in the State Assembly Elections held last April, there is some hope for him in Chimbudevan’s upcoming flick Imsai Arasan 2. 

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