Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bala's Paradesi

Vairamuthu teams up with Bala

A lot has come to light about Bala's Paradesi but one little-known news about the film is that Kaviperarsu Vairamuthu is joining with the ace filmmaker for the first time.
It must surely come as a surprise that Vairamuthu, who has written thousands of songs in his three-decade-long film career, has never written a song for a Bala film. But that is the plain truth.
We hear that the lyricist has written a song going by the visuals that Bala has shot for the film. The film's music is scored by G V Prakash.
Interestingly, the lyricist isn't the sole song writer for the film. We hear that Bala has also got his frequent collaborator Na Muthukumar penning the lines for a song.

Some interesting snippets about Bala's Paradesi

Paradesi, his next film, promises to be different.  It is a period film set in the 1930s, the era which marked a cruellest exploitation of tea plantation workers, who suffered inhuman injustices at the hands of white masters.
The film stars Atharva, Vedhika, and Dhansika.   Atharva will be seen sans any make-up, while Vedhika's look and character will be another surprise package. Vedhika says, "I've never done a role of this kind before and it was difficult to play, but that's what makes Paradesi special. It is a raw and a rustic film reflecting reality".
The film's music composed by GV Prakash will be unveiled in London on September 19. 'Paradesi' has been scheduled for a worldwide Tamil - Telugu release in October.

‘You need a little bit of luck’

From starving for three days to traveling to the remotest of locations, Dhanshika is one dedicated actress. She has reposed a lot of hope in her next flick Paradesi directed by Bala.
She says, “I attended two test shoots before I bagged the role in the film. It’s a great opportunity working with a legendary director like Bala. InParadesi, the director has ensured that people will respect me for my performance in a prominent character role. It is a role of a very poor girl and so, I have not eaten for more than three days to get the exact look of my character.”
Dhanshika has been acting in versatile roles so far, any plans of shifting to glamorous mass-commercial roles? “Being a versatile actress, I don’t miss out on the commercial aspects. AfterParadesi, maybe the audience will get to watch a dashing Dhanshika,” she chuckles.
This Tamil girl has had some tough times in the industry. She admits, “This is a very competitive field. One needs to be immensely talented to survive. That’s why I am very choosy about performance-oriented roles that showcase my acting skills. You need a little bit of luck as well, to play the K’wood game.”

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