Friday, August 31, 2012

Sambanthan would be 'heartbroken'

Merdeka day
TOUGH ACTS TO FOLLOW: The Tunku and Sambanthan sharing a light moment
 V.T. Sambanthan Thevar had wanted Malaysia to become a model multi-racial country for the world but would be devastated if he was alive today, says Toh Puan Umasundari Sambanthan.

Umasundari, wife of one of the country’s founding fathers, said the society was becoming more polarised and segregated, opposite to what was the true intention of Merdeka.

“What has made the country unique has become the divisive factor as our nation is becoming more polarised. We are losing the original intention of this country.

“The country is no longer working towards unity and sharing our joys and sorrow. I am bit worried with the direction that the country is taking because this was not what my husband wanted,” she said.

She added Sambanthan who had been championing the welfare of the estate community would be heartbroken with the current fi nancial gap between the poor and the rich.

Merdeka day
UMA SAMBANTHAN: Nation becoming more polarised
“If my husband was alive today, he would be devastated at the state of the country today especially with the plight of the Indian community.

“He never saw poverty as an Indian problem but a Malaysian problem.”

She said her late husband always believed that you have to “cast down your bucket where you are.”

“For example, look how our leaders lived before compared with nowadays. Tunku Abdul Rahman was a prince but he was part of the society and mixed with everyone.”

She said that her husband always kept true to the Tamil proverb, “Humanity is one tribe which worships one divinity.”

“He always believes we should see each other as one with one purpose. We should not focus on diff erences but see the commonalities between each other.”

Umasundari said her husband fought for the country’s independence because he believed in Malaysia.

“Everybody did it for Malaysia and not any particular race.”

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