Tuesday, August 21, 2012

“I borrow money to produce films”:KARUNAS

Actor Karunas, who was introduced to cinema as a comedian, made his way to the mainstream actor’s pavilion and finally the role of producer, with ‘Ambasamuthiram Ambani’. Though the film failed to make a mark at the box office, Karunas is not deterred. ‘Ragalapuram’,directed by Mano, is the next venture of his production company ‘Agen Media’, in which Karunas will also be acting.
When quizzed about it, “ I wish to spend the money I have earned through acting, not in buying land and houses, but in producing films. Most people lend for interest, the money they earn through films, while I borrow with interest, just to make films”,the actor quips humorously.
After Ragalapuram, Karunas will be producing another of Mano’s films. His production company will also be handling the production of a film by Ramnath, director of ‘Ambasamuthiram Ambani’.
Possessing the gift of gab, the actor states earnestly, “A film runs at the rate of 24 frames a second, while I think about films 24 hours, not missing a second.”

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