Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jallikattu symbolises manliness

Senior BJP leader L Ganesan on Sunday justified the Centre's notification allowing the conduct of jallikattu - the traditional bull-taming sport in Tamil Nadu -- as "it symbolises manliness." 

Speaking to TOI, Ganesan said, "Jallikattu is a rustic sport that symbolises the spirit of 'kshatriyata' or manliness."

He said, "The BJP government at the Centre decided to allow jallikattu because without it, the Pongal festival will not be complete."

He appealed to those opposing jallikattu to understand that bulls were not tortured for the sport. "In fact, participants trying to tame the bull or holding its horns are in more danger of injury than the animal. In the name of ahimsa, we cannot become cowards," he said.

"Swami Vivekananda, Bharathiar (Subramanya Bharathi) and Muthuramalinga Thevar had all spoken about the need to have manliness. Jallikattu is a sport to develop that quality," he added.





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