Thursday, August 8, 2013


VOTERS BE WARE! A SIMPLE ARITHMETIC TO HELP YOU DECIDE. Why is the thinking on Congress side that they would form UPA III? A simple arithmetic that all right thinking and nationalist voters must know is that (A) There are 10 smaller states and 19 larger states. Forget Union Territories for a while. CONGRESS is a National Party with presence all over the country. They have money and mischief making to their advantage. (B) If Congress manages to get just 5 seats in the smaller states and 12 on an average in larger states then they would bag 50+228 making a tally of 278 to be singularly successful at the elections. THIS IS WHERE VOTERS BE WARE. Each and every individual voter, wishing to see the corrupt Government out for ever and a reliable, hard working, capable, nationalist leader becomes a Prime Minister to lead the country better than what we saw in last 9 years, must ensure that Congress and their allies do not get that winning number. I am optimistic that it shall be possible. India shall see better days in 2014, if we individuals vow to educate our neighbours, less enlightened voters not to fall prey to BRIBING BEFORE VOTES. CASH FOR VOTE WAS DESIGNED BY CONGRESS TO CLING ON TO POWER WITH THE HELP OF DISHONEST MEN in RJD, BSP, RLD, SP etc parties who were threatened by the CBI actions against the past corruptions & crimes of their leaders. THROW THEM OUT. I am optimistic that it shall happen just as it happened after 34 years of misrule by the Left Front in West Bengal. No one thought that the change was possible. Peoples wrath & negative voting against CPIM changed a strong Government. Such is the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. MOST SILENT BOMB THAT SHALL BURST & BLOW CONGRESS OUT OF POWER FOR EVER. I urge upon every right thinking people of India, our friends and their all friends to be on guard. Educate people on right things that must happen. ENSURE THAT CORRUPTION ENDS ALONG WITH CORRUPT CONGRESS. The country is sick and tired. Not a single day passes without a scam being unearthed. Not a day passes when a central Minister is implicated. Their abuse of power for business houses, businessmen ruins India. END IT NOW. LET’S ALL TAKE A VOW. WE MUST DEFEND OUR LAND FROM ENEMY ATTACKS THAT IS BEING BLUFFED OUT BY PM, DEFENCE MINISTER & FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER. THESE SHAMELESS PEOPLE MUST QUIT OR WE DEFEAT ALL OF THEM IN THE NEXT NATIONAL ELECTION TO SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM THE RUINS PM BROUGHT INDIA TO. WE HAVE ONE LAST CHANCE IN 2014. IF WE COULD NOT THROW OUT CONGRESS & THEIR CORRUPT MEN and Allies, we and country shall head for a DOOM. I BELONG TO NO POLITICAL PARTY. I AM NOT EVEN TILL DATE INDOCTRINATED TO ANY POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. I WANT CONGRESS MUST GO OUT & SAVE INDIA FROM ALL FORMS OF CORRUPTIONS. WHAT WAS INTRODUCED BY NEHRU MUST END AT MAN MOHAN. Will it? You only can understand and kill their arithmetic. Will you?

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