Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cowboy script tweaked to maintain Jagathy scenes

As veteran actor Jagathy continues to recuperate, 'Cowboy', one of the last few films he had acted in before the accident, is finally ready to hit the theatres in mid-November. Though the actor had not completed shooting all his scenes for the movie, the makers of the film have decided to release it by tweaking the script to maintain his portions.

Incidentally, this wasn't the initial plan as they had roped in Kollywood actor Vivek to fill in for Jagathy and reshoot the scenes. However, after a few days of filming, both Vivek and the team agreed that it was better to maintain Jagathy's scenes and work around the script.
Cowboy's director P Balachandrakumar says, "While we did think of re-shooting a few of his scenes with Vivek, it didn't quite work out as there were lot of combination scenes with Asif and Mythili; owing to date clashes, we couldn't go forward as per plan." The director says that Vivek, who is a big fan of Jagathy, was supportive once the team told him about the decision.
"Even he thought there was room to work around the script while maintaining Jagathy's scenes," says Balachandrakumar. While the re-shooting and scheduling conflicts forced the team to push its release dates several times, the director says he's used the time to "fine-tune the post production of the footage that was already shot."
Cowboy might also hold the distinction of featuring the most number of scenes shot from a helicopter in Malayalam cinema. "These include the aerial view of some breath-taking chase sequences on the busy roads of Kuala LumpurMalaysia," says the director, and adds, "We had got special permission from the Malaysian government to shoot scenes smack in the middle of traffic without cordoning off the area. These scenes give the movie a Hollywood touch."

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