Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recording on for Paradesi’s last song

GV Prakash and director Bala have teamed up for Paradesi. The collaboration has indeed raised expectations from the young composer. His music has found a special place amongst Kollywood music aficionados and directors, which is keeping him busy for good.

It is known that there is a new trend in Kollywood these days of holding music launches in foreign lands. Of course with veteran directors like Illayaraja choosing to go abroad and record with the best it seems the winds have brought back a lust for something ‘foreign’. Director Bala too hopes to market his movie internationally prior to its release. Though the Paradesi team din’t get their London visas , there are plans to launch the audio in Singapore or Malaysia. Earlier in the day we spoke to GV Prakash and he revealed, “The last song for the album is being recorded.” Moreover GV will announce the track list in five days time. Paradesi is based on real life incidents during pre-Independence era in India and features Adharva, Dhansika and Vedhika in the lead roles.

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