Monday, October 15, 2012

Director Cheran and Actor Karthik's son join for a film

Actor Karthik's son is in demand. We are not talking about his first son Gautam Karthik we are talking about Gyain Karthik his 2nd son. Gautam Karthik was approached by all the leading directors to debut in their film but Actor Karthik gave a nod only for director Manirathnam and as we are all aware the debut film of Gautam Karthik KADAL is nearing completion and we get ready to catch the glimpse of the new hero.

But the latest development is that Actor director Cheran had worked a script for the youth and wanted a new face while he got a chance to come across Actor Karthik's 2nd son Gyain. Now, his team is working on to convince actor Karthik for this film. So, will Cheran succeed in convincing we have to wait.

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