Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plus Two results put the district on positive trend

Total number of centum scorers, centum pass schools goes up
The State Board's Plus Two results which were declared on Tuesday had put the Madurai district on a positive trend.
In the 2012 results, the total number of centum scorers and centum pass schools had gone up significantly when compared to last year's results.
An analysis of the Class XII results of the examinations held in March 2012 had shown that the number of centum scorers in subjects had gone up to 402 as against only 279 centum scorers last year.

Attention to each subject

“The attention given to each subject by way of special training to subject teachers and focused coaching for the students had paid off well and Madurai district is surging ahead,” S.Nagaraja Murugan, Chief Educational Officer, has said on Wednesday after analysing the Plus Two results.
Among the individual subjects, physics and accountancy need special mention.
This year, in 2012, there were only two centum scorers in physics as against 22 centum scorers in 2011.
Accountancy saw a huge leap in centums as the number had gone up from 61 last year to 155 centum scorers this year.
In chemistry, 60 students got centums while there were only 31 centum scorers last year.
Biology centum scorers came down to seven this year from 17 last year while the centum scorers in mathematics too came down from 89 last year to 76 this year.
The interesting case in this year's Plus Two results is economics which almost witnessed a record of sorts.
From a position where there was not a single centum scorer last year, economics this year saw 30 students scoring centum marks.
This year, commerce subject had 37 centum scorers as against 40 last year. Business maths had 16 students scoring centums while it was 12 in the year 2011 Plus Two results.

Significant increase

As per the overall data of Plus Two results of Madurai district, the number of centum pass schools in the district too had increased significantly.
Dr. Nagaraja Murugan has said that 65 schools in the district secured centum pass of their students as against only 46 centum pass schools last year.
The break-up of 65 schools is: one Government school (at Sengappadi), two Kallar schools (at Kappalur and Pappapatti), 14 aided/unaided schools and 48 matriculation schools. Not a single Corporation school in Madurai got centum pass this year.
The number of centum pass schools last year was 46 while the number was 47 schools in the year 2010.
“In the year 2011 Plus Two results, there was no Government school with centum pass whereas this year one Government school could achieve it. We are happy with that and shall work more to improve the performance of Government school students,” the Chief Educational Officer has said.
The overall pass percentage of Madurai district in the 2012 Plus Two results is 93.32 per cent increasing from 90.56 per cent in the year 2011.
“There are several reasons for the improvement of results in our district. The weak students got special attention in every subject while bright students were encouraged to aim for top marks. Collective efforts of headmasters and subject teachers got us good results this year,” Dr.Nagaraja Murugan has said.
The pass percentage of Government schools in Madurai district rose to 85.64 per cent as against 81.03 per cent last year.

Corporation schools

Corporation schools' pass percentage increased to 91.62 per cent from 88.55 per cent I the year 2011's Class XII results.
Pass percentage of matriculation/private schools almost remained the same this year with 97.16 per cent while it was 96.33 per cent in the previous year.
“From this data, we can say that the pass percentage is not biased towards private schools anymore. It is evenly poised,” the CEO stressed.

Application forms

Meanwhile, the application forms to obtain photocopies of answer scripts of various subjects are being issued at the offices of Chief Educational Officer and District Educational Officers.
According to officials, more than 1,600 application forms were sold in the first day itself and after that the students will decide on either to go for re-totalling or revaluation.

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