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Review : Om 3D (Telugu)

Om 3D Review : Technical finesse

Technically Telugu films are evolving. Telugu film makers are exploring options to offer new movie watching experience for audience. As a result they are using new age technology. They are even roping in Hollywood technicians by spending huge money. But one shortcoming is lack of story. As a result all the efforts and budget is being wasted. In this milieu Om 3D has released today. Kalyanram himself has produced this technically sophisticated movie. It has used 3D technology and boasts of high production standards. Did Kalyanram use this technology perfectly by combining it with a good story or is it just a bait to entice viewers. Let’s find out how 3D effects have come up in Om movie and to what extent it will impress Telugu audience.
Harish Chandra Prasad (Karthik) and Byreddy (Rao Ramesh) are bitter foes. Byreddy pledges to eliminate Harish Chandra Prasad at any cost. Bhavani Shankar (Sampath Raj) joins hands with Byreddy. Harish Chandra Prasad’s son Arjun (Kalyanram) spoils Byreddy and Bhavani’s plans to kill Harish Chandra Prasad. Arjun loves Anjali (Kriti). Anjali is Bhavani Shankar’s girl. Harish Chandra Prasad decides to marry Arjun with Riya (Nikisha Patel). At this juncture Anjali reveals a truth to Arjun? What’s it? What turn does the story take due to it? What’s the reason behind Byreddy developing grudge against Harish Chandra Prasad? Audience will get answers to all these questions in the second half.
Om 3D story has many twists and turns. Don’t know why but all Kalyanram’s movies feature good screenplay. Screenplay played a major role in making his movies Athanokkade and ‘Hare ram’ hit. It seems Kalyanram has once again banked on screenplay for bagging a hit. Director has depended more on screenplay than on story. Story shuttles between present and past. At times audience even feel confusing. If they miss movie even for a minute it’s hard to follow. If these twists have been used properly, movie would have been thrilling like Bollywood hit movie Race.
Kalyanram has to be appreciated for his unique character. Irrespective of hits or flops, bouquets or brickbats he dares to think differently and going on passionately producing movies on his own. Besides to appearing as angry young man on screen, he has shouldered the responsibility of producing it. He has done what ever he could for Arjun’s character, including shaving his head. Though there are two heroines, they haven’t done much. Karthik excelled in father’s role. From now onwards he will become an option for this type of roles.
Technically Om is excellent. 3D effects will impress audience. Huge budget has been shelled on 3D effects. Audience will feel it refreshing to watch action episodes in 3D. As director is a cinematographer, taking is outstanding. Choreography in melody song is nice. But this is not a subject which demands 3D. It appears Om film makers have used it for trying something new and different. Whatever may be the reason, on screen 3D effects have been effective and offer a new experience for audience.
Inexperience of director has been visible in many occasions. As he depended more on twists and turns rather than on story, at times faltered in the narration. As both hero and producer is Kalyanram, he would have involved in direction also. Most of the time focus was put on elevating heroism. Songs placement is not perfect. But re-recording has done a great amount of help in elevating action scenes and lending the required tempo.
Om 3D team has to be appreciated for it’ s hard work in case of technical aspects. But it would have been better if they had taken care of story also. 3D action episodes and twists may enthrall B and C centre audience. To experience the 3D technology and technical brilliance Om has to watched in good theatres.
Telugu Mirchi Rating : 3/5 – Swathi

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