Monday, January 28, 2013

SC Bose’s body guard dies in Nowshera

ust a day after the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Subash Chander Bose, his body guard, a retired Havaldar Kahan Dass, 91, passed away at Nowshera, last evening.
Soldier of Azad Hind Fouj and body guard of Subash Chander Bose who fought Second World War in 1945 in Britain, Baghdad, Malaysia and Singapore, he died of cardiac arrest last evening. The body was cremated amid presence of hundreds of people here today.
Kahan Singh was born in village Baliwale tehsil Palendri now in Pakistan and was presently living in village Bagnoti tehsil Nowshera. 
While expressing shock over the death of soldier, social worker Pardeep Sharma criticised the army for not giving guard of honour to the freedom fighter who fought for freedom of India to get rid of 150 years of British rule.

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Actor said...

Allah iss Guard ka agla jhan acha krai(ameen)