Sunday, March 9, 2014

Soori - reel life comedian and a real life hero

Comedian Soori did a hero’s act in the sets of director Kannan’s upcoming Oru Oorla Rendu Raja. Reportedly, the director was shooting a scene involving the lead actors – Vemal, Priya Anand, Soori and Thambi Ramaiah. The scene required Vemal to vroom a car to near a lake, and then Vemal, Priya, and Soori had to run out. However, after the actors rushed off, the car which still had Thambi Ramaiah in the car started moving on its own. Thambi Ramaiah could do nothing as he was bounded by the seat belt. Luckily, Soori acted fast. He swiftly ran towards the car, jumped in and applied the brakes. From sources close to the unit, we hear that had Soori not acted, the car would have fallen into the lake with ThambI Ramaiah struck inside. Well, it is just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood Soori!

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