Thursday, December 18, 2014

I’ll not mind to just act for a scene!!! – Navarasa Nayagan

From movies like   turned into an character artist. The actor has played a unique role in ’s . Previously the yesteryear busy star was neglecting roles citing he’ll play only special roles that suits his style.
But, it seems he has adopted according to the times and acted in Anegan. He says that his career will raise up after the release of Anegan. The actor who once was waiting for different roles had a change of mind.
It seems he has been asking the directors who come to tell stories to his son, for a good role. Also has said that he will act in any role that is important to the story, even if it was for just a scene without any hesitation. Looking at the massive change in character of the actor the directors’ who once were afraid of rumors regarding Karthik (that he won’t come to the shooting spot on time, won’t finish the film in the said dates), has decided to opt him in their movies.
So, it seems Karthik will dominate the screens once again like  and Prabu.

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