Friday, April 26, 2013

Brain dead man helps five patients get new lease of life

The death of a 45-year-old construction worker sh­attered his family, as he was their sole breadwinner. But, the organs that he left behind after he su­s­tained grievous head in­j­u­­­ry helped save life of the five, suffering failed org­ans.

Veerapandi Thevar, a native of Pulikarai, in Thirunelveli district and working in a hosiery unit in Tirupur, met with an accident while getting back from home on April 21, 2013. After being referred to K.G. Hospital in the city for treatment, the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit.

A series of scans reve­a­led that he had massive bleeding inside the brain and was declared brain dead, said chief neurosurgeon, Dr M. Nata­ra­jan. Mr C.B. Chandra­se­karan, cadaver transplant coordinator, dis­cussed the option of organ donation with the family and counselled th­em about those desperately needing the transplant of these life-saving organs.

After the patient's wife, Jayalakshmi, two daughters and sons-in-law gave their consent, the su­r­ge­ons prepared to harvest the organ. The availability of the organ donor was in­formed to Dr J. Amal­o­r­pa­vanathan, convenor, ca­da­ver transplant progr­a­mme, Government of Ta­m­il Na­du, Chennai, and one of the kidneys was tr­a­ns­p­lanted in a 55-year old sc­hoolteacher fr­om Kota­gi­ri. The other kidney was harvested for another pa­tient at Abi­­rami Hospi­tal, Coim­batore. The liver was sent for transplant to Gl­o­bal Hos­pitals in Che­nnai. His eyes were also harvested.


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