Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vivek seeks Bala's permission to write a joke

Vivek who is known for his quick witted retorts as much as he’s known for his social commentary had apparently sought the permission of director Bala to use his name for one of his comedy sequences.

In the film Machan where Vivek plays the lead, his character succumbs to rags from riches. In one scene a bypasser supposedly looks at Vivek’s pitiful state and suggests that he rather act in a Bala movie, to which Vivek replies that every actor who worked with Bala is in pretty much the same state as him.

While all this was always intended to be only in good humor, Vivek had the courtesy to phone Bala and explain the scene and the gag therein. Bala being a creatively open-minded individual himself apparently readily accepted to Vivek’s request and gave him the go ahead.

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