Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vivek proud to say Ajith’s humanity

Each and every day we are getting any new stories about Actor Thala Ajith. But now, Vivek said about Ajith is quite unbelievable and increasing respect on him. Actor Ajith is currently acting in Thala 55 where shooting going in Sikkim. Ajith and Vivek have a same seat next to next. Suddenly, Ajith loosening his watch and tied up in Vivek’s hand and said “here after you will have a good time”. Then, he noticed that Car driver was using oldest mobile model without handsfree, and he was talking over the phone while he is driving. Ajith told driver to stop the car and he took his Apple I-phone mobile and gave to him. He is not stopped with this, after that giving handsfree to him and told hereafter use this mobile with handsfree while driving. The Vivek and the driver gave a surprise look and they applauded him to their friends. Now, the news has come out from Vivek as reported.

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