Friday, November 30, 2012

Bharathiraja blasts actor Vijay for political ambitions

BharathiRaja opens his mind about the entry of actor Vijay to politics. “Those who want to come to politics should come with a lot of social responsibilities. Let them come with the intention of doing something to the society. Let them come with courage to throw away the existing system. We will support it. Without doing anything like that, they want to cash the popularity gained by them in cinema. I will not at all support such an effort. Only the directors have injected the dialogues spoken, appearance and growth within an actor. None should think of coming to politics after seeing MGR. He came to politics after rendering great service to people. They can be heroes in the films but not to the nation. Hard field work is there behind the leaders like Kalaignar, MGR and Madam. So, actors should not think of coming to politics by cheating the poor people.” By his strong criticism, Bharathiraja expresses his opposition to the entry of Vijay to politics.

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