Thursday, November 15, 2012


Seeman is playing a crucial role in 'Nagarajacholan MA, MLA', a sequel to 'Amaidhipadai'. The new film too is being made by the same Manivannan-Sathyaraj combo.
Giving details on Seeman's character in the movie, Sathyaraj says, "Seeman is playing a lorry driver, who questions the atrocities of Nagarajacholan (Sathyaraj)."
The director adds: "Unlike Amaidhipadai, Sathyaraj is playing only one role in Nagarajacholan MA, MLA. The son role in the original has been replaced by the lorry driver character."
Manivannan also denies that there will be no real life resemblance to the film. "But the movie will take a day on current day affairs," he adds in his typical style.

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