Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Manivannan back with Nagaraja Cholan, MA, MLA

Actor/Director Manivanan is all set to direct a movie after a long gap of 11 years, which will also mark his 50th movie as a director. Titled Nagaraja Cholan, MA, MLA, the movie is a sequel to his 1994 political drama Amaidhi Padai. The 1994 film, in which Sathyaraj played double roles as father and son, revolves around how a poor man builds his political career by using shortcuts. In Amaidhi Padai, the Manivanan-Sathyaraj combo took a comical dig at many political happenings.
Nagaraja Cholan, MA, MLA has Sathyaraj and Seeman in the lead roles. Allakai Ammavasai fromAmaidhi Padai plays the central character and the film deals about his transformation into Nagaraja Cholan. Sathyaraj doesn’t play a double role in the sequel. But the son’s roles has been replaced by the role of a lorry driver who becomes a MLA. It will be produced by K Ravichandran and K Suresh under V House Productions.

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