Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday biriyani is a 50-year tradition in our family: Vikram Prabhu

You come from a family of foodies. How was it when your grandfather, Sivaji Ganesan, was around?
guess it all started with him. We are all basically from Thanjavur and he loved his different varieties of southern food. My grandmother learnt how to cook different meats and she would prepare dishes for him specially. Grandfather used to like guinea fowl (kaadai and kowdhari) and mostly lamb items. And the preparations were always different. Although I stopped eating now because of my diet, everyday when I go down for lunch they always have a different preparation of chicken or mutton or prawn and about three to four varieties of vegetables. And since we are joint family, it's more portions. Food is a big deal at home! In fact, a five star luxury hotel in the city actually sends their chefs over our house to get trained by my grandmother in traditional Thanjavur cuisine. They have been doing it for years and some of our family preparations were even on their menu.

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