Wednesday, March 13, 2013

''Even 20 takes won't change Bala's reactions''

During a recent promotional event to promote his latest Paradesi, lead actor Atharvaa said that the trait that he admired the most in director Bala was his patience and quest for perfection. It seems even if an actor required up to 20 takes, Bala wouldn’t get worked up as he constantly pursues the perfect shot from his actors.

Atharvaa also talked about the discipline that Bala enforces in his sets and the control that he has over his unit. It seems, just by hearing the sound of Bala’s approaching car from a distance, the entire unit would be in a state of pin-drop silence. Such was the respect and fear that they had on their director.

Catch Bala’s latest work from coming Friday, the 15th of March. 

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