Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bala reshoots Sasi Kumar’s sequences

Sasikumar is donning the lead role in a film which is being directed by Bala. There is going to be a re-shoot for the film. After Paradesi, Bala is directing a film which has Sasikumar and Varalakshmi in the lead roles. This film has been titled Tharai Thappattai. The heroes of Bala films will have a different kind of getups. This can be seen in Sethu, Pithamagan and Paradesi. Sasikumar was also not spared from this ordeal. He underwent lots of transformation as per director Bala’s instructions. After squeezing him for a month, Bala had viewed the film. His assistant directors had mentioned that the transformation did not suit Sasikumar at all. Bala who was upset called Sasikumar and told him to come back in his original appearance to reshoot the film again.

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