Monday, October 13, 2014

Isai Movie Preview

Isai is an 2014 Tamil film written and directed by S. J. Surya. The film stars Tamil in the lead role with debutant Savithri, while the film’s music score is also composed by Surya. This movie, which is touted to be of a brand new genre musical-thriller, went from 25 May 2012 to the floorings. The project was declared by S. J. Surya in 2004 soon after the release of New, when he revealed that A. R. Rahman would also collaborate for three of his future ventures titled Anbulla Nanbane, Aezhumazhai vs Chitra with Silambarasan and Asin and Isai. The latter two didn’t advance while the first film released in 2005 as Anbe Aaruyire. In January 2006, the movie was reported to be back under way with either S. S. Chakravarthy or Navodaya Appachan being producer and it was implied that the picture would be about a “cunning helper music director comes to the top”. Other reports had also implied the movie told the tale of the tensions between South Indian musicians Ilaiyaraaja and A. R. Rahman. Nonetheless the failures of S. J. Surya’s movies Vyapari and Thirumagan prompted Rahman reconsider his involvement in the job and afterwards opted out from the job in 2007. In 2011, Surya announced the movie would restart and he’d compose the movie himself, describing it as a “musical”.Reports indicated that Lakshmi Rai, who’d back to back successes in 2011 with Kanchana and Mankatha would play the female lead role but Surya subsequently denied this saying that he’d been auditioning newcomers in Mumbai for the role. In May 2012, the film’s first appearance posters were eventually revealed, with Sulagna Panigrahi, an Oriya and Indian television and film actress in the leading role under the new name Savithri, who had made her Bollywood debut in the 2011 thriller Murder 2. Prakash Raj left the project in January 2013 as an effect of a busy program.Attempts to sign Gangai Amaren to replace him also proved to be unsuccessful. After a brief booth in the shoot, Sathyaraj was signed on to play the role, with Surya supporting the movie could be predicated on a tiff between two music composers.

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